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The story of Odacité begins with the audacity of French-born founder, Valérie Grandury, and her personal journey of healing and reinvention following a breast cancer diagnosis that provided an opportunity for change. Her tenacity to shake the status quo dares to redefine the way you think about care — care for your skin, yourself and the natural world — helping you build your best skin, every single day since 2009

Grounded in French roots and balanced with a Californian spirit, Odacite is rooted in high quality, natural luxury and clinical science. 

Pushing the boundaries of clean beauty, Odacite products are potent infusions of plants and clinical grade ingredients that have been dermatologically tested and hand selected to provide total purity and performance. 

With particular detail given to the texture and experience of each product, Odacite is natural beauty that delivers spa-like results, whatever your skin concern.

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