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Verso is a Swedish skincare brand launched in 2013 with a strong Scandinavian spirit – simple, minimalistic, and qualitative. We set out to start and lead a skincare revolution and are faithful to that mission. With science as a starting point, Verso makes high-quality products with a low ingredient count. No shortcuts are taken during the development to ensure that all products meet this requirement. Our headquarter is located in the center of a significant scientific-research environment, close to the University of Stockholm’s campus at Frescati. The proximity to the scientific community has been essential to Verso’s product development approach.


To further pioneer Vitamin A, we developed NEAR 1, our very own patented molecule. NEAR 1 is the result of eight years of research and harnesses the essence of our philosophy – a science-first mindset – and our core ambition to offer skincare that provides visible results. NEAR 1 combines Vitamin A and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) in one impactful, versatile technology. Thus, a groundbreaking and self-evident complement to Retinol 8.

“NEAR 1 and Retinol 8 is a testament to Verso’s science-first approach and introduces a new standard of simplicity and efficiency in skincare.”

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